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Can they steal an electric car?

Can they steal an electric car? Car theft in the US increased by 8% in the last year. Although it is alarming, not all types of cars are easy to steal. Electric cars (EVs), in addition to being more expensive, are also practically impossible to steal, especially as long as gasoline ones exist.
Starting an electric car is safer. It is equipped with very sophisticated software that is almost insurmountable for criminals. In addition to these measures, in some EVs to start, the driver must enter a pin that only the owner knows.
EVs are also more difficult to tow. Doing so without authorization will set off your alarms. The owner will receive a call warning that the car has been towed and will remain located at all times.
On the other hand, the closing systems of the doors are different. The door handles on most EVs are retractable. They hide inside the bodywork. They only appear when they notice the presence of the owner with the corresponding key. If the thief tries to remove the handles, the alarm will be triggered and the car will be locked.
To top it off, the charging stations are also part of this security system. They have a kind of padlock that can only be opened with the driver’s key. It is a sophisticated security mechanism, created to keep the car connected so that nobody can unplug it without authorization. If the thief chooses to cut the cable, he risks receiving an electric shock that can seat him in front of San Pedro.
In short, with so much risk, thieves prefer to continue trying their bad deeds with gasoline cars.
If you own a car, electric or gasoline, and want to insure it with the cheapest policy in Florida. Call Univista Insurance. Keep in mind that it is not only important to insure vehicles against theft. A good policy should cover you for the most common risks that may lie in wait for you. Can they steal an electric car?

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