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Five tips to navigate safely

Sailing is one of the great pleasures in life. Going out for a weekend with some friends to discover some routes, little islands, and hidden beaches is one of the greatest sensations of freedom that can be experienced.
Therefore, having a boat becomes a goal, when other priorities have been achieved.
Sailing is beautiful, but it involves certain dangers and responsibilities, with traveling companions, with third parties, and with the environment.
Although, in general, taking a pleasure boat is part of great fun, certain tips must be followed to prevent the party from ending in disgrace.
When sailing, before the revelry is formed, it must be clear that the boat must be piloted by a sober person who has experience in navigation. If the captain gets drunk, he can endanger the entire crew and those sailing in other boats that cross him during the voyage. Also, driving a boat drunk is illegal and can be fined by the Coast Guard.
The boat must have the required safety equipment, such as life jackets, first aid kits, fire extinguishers, and signal lights. There must be a life jacket for each crew member. And minors must have it on all the time.
At sea, as on land, there are traffic signs that must be respected by those who sail. Above all, there are many areas where speed must be moderated, either because manatees are abundant or multiple boats are crossing. Whatever the reason for the signal, it must be respected.
A basic fact before going sailing is to monitor the weather. If the objective of the trip is to have a good time, go to a beach or take a nice tour, it is not worth going out on days when heavy rains and big swells are announcing. Besides being very dangerous, the journey can turn into a real hell.
For a boat owner, it is essential to keep in mind their boat insurance. It is essential even when the boat remains moored in a marina.
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