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Common dental diseases are preventable

Common dental diseases are preventable. Almost all common dental diseases and problems are preventable if we maintain proper hygiene and visit the dentist regularly.
You can prevent cavities, tartar, bad breath, gingivitis, or periodontitis if you brush your teeth after every meal if you use dental floss once a day to prevent food debris from accumulating where the brush cannot reach and if you rinse with a dental mouthwash, after brushing your teeth.
However, if you suffer from any of these problems, it is key to go immediately to the dentist’s office. You should not wait until the pieces hurt, or the gums become inflamed, much less treat them with home remedies. Dentistry professionals have the right solution in their hands.
Tartar, for example, is the accumulation of bacterial plaque due to a lack of hygiene. If it is not remedied in time with a deep cleaning at the dentist, it will affect the gums.
Gingivitis is another periodontal disease whose symptoms are red and bleeding gums. It produces inflammation of the gum. This disease usually remits easily if it is treated in time by a specialist.
One of the consequences of untreated gingivitis is periodontitis. This is more serious since it can lead to the loss of a tooth. It originates when the infection reaches the alveolar bone, responsible for holding the teeth.
As you can see, carelessness can have serious consequences for the health of your mouth. The important thing is to visit the dentist regularly, even if you don’t have dental problems, and to follow their recommendations. Common dental diseases are preventable.
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