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How to collect Christmas decorations safely?

How to collect Christmas decorations safely? At the end of the holiday season, the day of collecting the decorations begins, in which we keep the decorations with which we have adorned our house. Experience tells us that we tend to collect with less enthusiasm than when we decorate, motivated by the celebrations. Saving the ornaments symbolizes the return to the routine of our lives. But there is no choice but to do it in the best possible way. To do this, the most practical thing is to try to collect all the decorations on the same day, in an organized way.
The first step should be to get some clear plastic containers where to put the classified and labeled decorations. And remember that the goal of saving is to save for the next celebrations.
We know that lights are the main cause of fires during the holidays of the end of the year when garlands in bad condition are used. The recommendation is to store them well rolled up, in a dry place, in suitable containers. If there is any in poor condition or it breaks during the uninstallation, we must discard it, to avoid future accidents.
The traditional trees carry crystal balls, stars, and very fragile canes. When collected, each one should be wrapped in bubble wrap and carefully placed inside the containers, so that next year they will be just as shiny.
You will also have to keep the inflatable Santa Claus with all his devices in these boxes. But first, you should check that everything is dry and clean to prevent mold from growing and deteriorating during the time they will remain in storage.
Throw away the useless
An essential aspect when collecting is to throw away what we are not going to use next year. Many times we get carried away by the sentimental value we take from objects, but it is not worth keeping used candles or broken and stained ornaments, or the little tree that has been damaged while we were disassembling it. All of that should go to waste for two reasons. First, because it is useless to occupy space in something that will not be useful in the future. And the second reason is that this way we will know, next year, what we really need. How to collect Christmas decorations safely?
The natural trees should leave the house as soon as possible to prevent them from drying out and could be the cause of a fire that endangers our home and the integrity of the family.

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