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Do I really need insurance or a dental plan?

Do I really need insurance or a dental plan? Many people have doubts about the benefits of taking out a dental plan or insurance. And it is logical when they compare the advantages of having dental coverage in the worst scenario – a canal treatment and a reconstruction of a molar – with the disadvantages of being uncovered, at first glance, there does not seem to be much. In most cases, the plan discounts are just over the price of the annual premium.
In the best scenario, in the year that a client does not need any treatment and only attends the dentist for the two required prophylactic cleanings and undergoes scheduled check-ups, the cost of the annual premium could be higher than the bill they would pay for the same services an uninsured patient.
The quick conclusion is that in a worst-case scenario, the advantage of being insured is minimal and, when all is well, you have no advantage. So, dental insurance is not worth having.
But do not rush, although apparently there is not much difference between being insured or not, those people who live on their paycheck, month to month and do not have money in their savings account, do have advantages when having dental insurance.
In the worst-case scenario, they would have to pay for the treatment using a credit card. Rest assured that the interest on the credit will eat up the apparent advantage of not having paid for a dental insurance premium. Another disadvantage to take into account is that your oral health will be in worse condition for not having attended the preventive cleanings that any dental insurance includes. Most likely, it will require long and expensive treatments.
But if you can go to your dentist and pay $ 3,000 cash for treatment, without resorting to credit, dental insurance is not for you.

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