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Want to Buy your First Car?

Do not buy your first car, without first reading these tips.

Buying the first car is one of the most exciting times for a young person. It is a great step towards independence. But it implies assuming responsibilities, both social and financial. Therefore, before running to the first dealer to point out, saying: “I want that red one ”, it is key to prepare to make a smart purchase.

The first step is to know what you need the car, to go to school or university every day? Are you going to use it, only on weekends? Or, do you need a truck to work with or a sedan that you can do UBER with?

Knowing in advance the money to have available is essential. With the purchase of a car, obligations are acquired. Unless you take it in cash, you will have to pay a monthly fee for it. You also have to budget for gasoline, tolls, maintenance, some repairs, and driver’s insurance, which is mandatory.

Go to the bank
When you know more or less what it will cost you to have a car. A smart step is to go to your bank first and apply for a loan to buy it. This step saves you from improvising at the dealer, where expert salespeople keen on you spending as much money as possible will put pressure on you.

In addition, this way you guarantee to go to the purchase with a closed budget, say, of $ 15,000, knowing that you have to return them in 60 months, in payments of $ 179 per month.

Internet search
You know what your budget is, it’s time to devour the internet. There are millions of pages where the different models, their characteristics, and prices are explained in great detail.

Clear ideas
When you find the type of car that fits your needs, your budget, and your lifestyle, go to the dealer to get your toy.

You have to have clear ideas: “I am looking for such a brand, at such a price, with such miles. If they don’t have it, I’ll go somewhere else, where they have it ”.

Remember, the dealer will use all kinds of sales techniques to persuade you to buy another “better” and of course more expensive. Stay firm and in the end, they will give you whatever car you want. You must review it in detail, handle it very slowly to listen to it, then very quickly to see how it responds.

Finally, pay and call Univista to insure your new acquisition at the best market price.

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