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Doctor, what’s wrong with my son’s eye?

Doctor, what’s wrong with my son’s eye? A very concerned mother took the child to the ophthalmologist’s office after observing that when family photos were taken with flash and everyone appeared with red eyes, her son only had one red eye. Above all, because “recently there was news of a girl who discovered cancer in one eye thanks to the fact that the flash of the camera produced a large flash in the sick eye”. Doctor, what’s wrong with my son? said the terrified mother.
The ophthalmologist calmed the mother down and did the pertinent tests on the child, in which she detected that he suffered from amblyopia, a lazy eye. “This is one of the most common problems that children suffer from. It consists of the brain not communicating well with one of the eyes and relying only on the healthy eye”, explained the specialist.
To treat it, she recommended wearing a patch for several weeks “to force the lazy eye to work and connect better with the brain.” This condition can be successfully treated until the child is 8 or 12 years old. But the ideal is early treatment when the patient is three or four years old.
Specialists recommend eye check-ups after three years of life. After five, children should have their eyes checked annually. Doctor, what’s wrong with my son’s eye?
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