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Does home insurance cover air conditioning repair?

Does home insurance cover air conditioning repair? Florida is the hottest state in the American Union. That is why it is so deserved the description of “Sunshine State”. Summers in Florida are hot and humid. The average temperature in July, the hottest month, is 91F and quite often it exceeds 100F. Many people from other places wonder how it is possible to live in such a climate. Simple, having a good air conditioning unit, A/C in all homes and public buildings.
The A/C, in addition to providing a comfortable temperature, keeps mold growth within the properties at bay.
Imagine if the A/C in your house breaks in the middle of July and your home literally becomes a hot hellhole and a breeding ground for mold. With this panorama in mind, it is understandable that many Florida homeowners wonder if home insurance covers the repair of this important system of the house.
As we say on many occasions, the correct answer to this question is: it depends.
The standard homeowners insurance coverage covers the repair of the A/C, if the damage is as a result of a risk covered in the policy, such as fire, theft, act of vandalism. If you are affected by a hurricane, lightning strike, hail or if a tree falls on you.
But you won’t be covered if the A/C stops working because it’s too old and its time has come. Nor if the A/C is new and it breaks due to the owner’s negligence.
It’s good to review your policy and make sure your A/C is included in it.
Remember that if you need to make a claim with your insurance company, you must include in your claim the model and serial number of the damaged device. Take pictures of the damage and file a police report, if applicable.
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