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Does home insurance cover the pool?

Does home insurance cover the pool? Some people who want to buy a property wonder if homeowners insurance covers the pool. The quick answer is yes. Swimming pools are usually included in the home insurance policy. Something very important because, in 2021, some 6,800 children were treated after having an accident in a residential swimming pool, according to the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission.
If you are thinking of buying a property with a pool or adding a pool to your home, you should take into account that most insurers will require you to fence the pool to prevent the entry of intruders, as a prerequisite to signing your contract, that the door to the It can be locked, cover the floor of certain areas -springboard, showers, edge- with a non-slip surface and that the pool has lighting.
Swimming pools are generally protected under the “other structures” clause of your homeowner’s insurance contract. Therefore, your policy’s liability coverage will cover covered accidents and damages that occur there.
You can also install a temporary or removable pool on your property. In that case, the insurance can cover it as a personal object, not as “another structure”.
Talk to your Univista Insurance agent and he will recommend the appropriate limits for your civil liability coverage so that you are well protected after building your long-awaited swimming pool. Does home insurance cover the pool?

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