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Does my insurance cover my friend?

Does my insurance cover my friend if I lend him my car? On multiple occasions, we have been meeting in a group of friends and someone offers to solve an unexpected matter. “Lend me the car and I’ll bring it.” At other times, a friend’s car has been damaged or is very small and we have offered ours as a solution. “Take the Toyota, when you finish you give it back to me.”
But, have we ever thought about what happens if our friend or a family member has an accident? Will it be covered by our insurance?
Under Florida law, if you loan your vehicle to someone, that person is covered by the vehicle owner’s insurance. “Auto insurance always follows the vehicle first and then the driver,” says the rule.
Since Florida is a “no-fault” state, each person involved in an accident is protected under their own personal accident protection, or PIP, regardless of who is at fault.
The law also holds that Florida vehicle owners must have a minimum of $ 10,000 in PIP coverage to cover medical expenses, lost wages, and associated costs in the event of an accident, both for the vehicle owner and of his companions, and of course, of whoever borrows the vehicle with the owner’s permission. Does my insurance cover my friend if I lend him my car?
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