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Does my insurance policy cover car rental?

Does my private insurance policy cover car rental? It is common when going on vacation to rent a car at the destination airport. Or rent a more comfortable vehicle, “where all the members of the family and also the luggage fit” to go on a trip through different states. Without a doubt, a rental car is an option that is always on the table, when we want to travel as a family.
A common situation when we go to the counter to sign the rental contract is that the skillful representative of the car company threateningly urges us to purchase certain insurance for the car we are renting. At that precise moment is when the question arises: Does my private insurance policy cover the rental of a car?
To find out the answer, you should read your contract and see if it covers rental cars. You can also call your insurance company and explain that you are renting a car and want to know if you are covered. Most likely, if your privacy policy includes comprehensive coverage and liability coverage, it will also cover any car you rent within the US and Canada.
It is good that you also know that some credit cards insure the rental car, as long as you use it when making the transaction. Search among your cards and use the one that gives you said benefit.
But not everything is black or white, it is also worth doing a little math because, regardless of whether your private insurance protects the cars you rent, the deductible of your privacy policy may be much higher than the deductible offered by the rental company. After an accident, paying 1,000 is not the same as having to pay out 200 dollars.
In summary, before going on vacation, find out everything related to the protection that your car insurance offers you, locate the credit card that covers your car rental, and if you do not have any of that, you have to pay the car insurance for renters. Does my private insurance policy cover car rental?
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