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Dry eye syndrome

Dry eye syndrome. Currently, many people work from home in front of their computers. The difference when working in a company office, where there is a schedule and the computers must meet certain quality, at home we use whatever computer we have, we use the available rooms, many of which are not properly prepared, We do not keep the proper distance from the screen, we do not control its brightness and we also spend much more time than we should be using them. All these irregularities can have unwanted consequences for the health of our eyes.
Dry eye syndrome can be one of the consequences of not taking care of our eyesight. It is a disease that affects 30% of the population. It is due to the lack of tear production or excessive evaporation of those that are produced. As is known, tears are necessary to moisten the eyes and remove foreign particles that have fallen into any of its parts. If someone is unable to produce the proper amount of tears, it may mean that they suffer from dry eye syndrome.
Among the most common causes that cause the aforementioned syndrome are excessive exposure to computers, a dry work environment or where the air conditioning is excessive, smoking, some cold medications, lack of vitamin A or the use of contact lenses.
Symptoms and treatment
If you have a burning sensation in the eyes, itching, some pain, heaviness in the eyelids, tired eyes, red eyes, photophobia -lightness bothers you-, blurred vision, or the feeling that you have a foreign body in your eyes, go see your trusted ophthalmologist because you could be experiencing the symptoms of dry eye syndrome.
Remember, if you have this disease and don’t treat it early, you could experience eye inflammation, corneal surface abrasion, corneal ulcer, or vision loss. In addition, dry eye treatment can be something as simple as a few drops in the eyes. At Univista Insurance you can get the cheapest vision insurance in Florida. In general, vision coverage includes one free exam per year and the payment of part of the different services and treatments.

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