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This year we are going to fix the house!

This year we are going to fix our house! They tend to promise many husbands to their wives, around this time. “This year we will get our nest ready.” The woman is clear about it, “we have to renovate the bathrooms”, “we have to change the kitchen”, “we are going to make the children’s new room” and why not, we will change ours as well. Right, Daddy?”
Calm Calm! That renewing spirit should not overlook other elements that are not so visible, but essential when making improvements to the house. They are the roof, the plumbing, and the electrical wiring.
Under Florida weather conditions, the roof is a must. It needs its due maintenance, in order to extend its life. It is advisable to periodically inspect it, clean the gutters and downspouts, to avoid the accumulation of branches and garbage that cause water pockets and leaks. And if you turn 20, depending on the type of roof it is -asphalt, tiles, slate, etc you must choose to change it.
It is easy to open a tap and let the water come out. Many when renovating the bathrooms, choose to change the sinks, showers, and place screens, forgetting that the essentials go inside the wall and below the floor. If your house has galvanized pipes, it’s time to switch to modern pipes. At any moment, they can burst and cause terrible damage.
On the other hand, scheduled preventive maintenance is the best option to avoid possible electrical problems in the home. Even if your house does not present any visible problems, you can request an inspection of the electrical system to prevent possible accidents and change the obsolete wiring for a modern one that meets current safety requirements. According to the National Fire Protection Association, fires caused by electrical failures are the second leading cause of fires in American homes.
We do not expect you to stop renovating your home. We just want you to do it wisely and ensure the safety of your family and your finances.
One more note, when you renew any of the aspects mentioned here, let your insurance agent know, and you will see the positive impact it will have on your policy. This year we are going to fix the house!

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