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Five possible home insurance discounts

Five possible home insurance discounts you may not know about. There is frequent talk in the newspaper headlines of the rise in home insurance. A trend aggravated, in recent times, by the pandemic and the abundant natural disasters that plague our lands.
However, this reality does not prevent that, under certain circumstances, policyholders can obtain discounts on their contract premiums.

  • Discounts for upgrades
    Most insurers offer discounts on improvements that provide more security to the home. For example, installing shutters or impact windows, reinforcing the roof with anti-hurricane hardware, installing sprinklers -sprinklers- against fire, installing smoke detectors, water leak sensors, cameras, and security alarms and when changing the roof, use materials hail resistant.
    It is not a question of reforming the house to obtain these discounts, because it would not be profitable. The idea is to know their existence and, when we have to make a reform, take them into account. If you have any of these systems already installed, claim the corresponding reduction from the insurer.
  • Discount for finishing paying the mortgage
    When you pay off your home debt, meaning you pay your last mortgage bill, many insurers will offer you significant reductions on your bill. Because from that moment you are not obliged to buy home insurance. If you have finished paying your mortgage, tell your insurance agent and if he does not offer you a discount, look for new options among other companies and some will improve your bill by up to 10%.
  • Discount for retirement
    In general, insurance companies consider that, as you are retired, you will stay at home longer and will be aware of everything that happens there, a small fire, you will notice if someone loitering the property with bad intentions, or you will solve quickly a water leak. The business of insurers is to calculate future risks.
  • Discount for marriage
    Yes, one of the hidden advantages of being married is that insurance companies perceive you as someone more responsible. According to statistics, married people claim less than singles and are also attractive because they are sources of future contracts, such as partner’s car insurance and life insurance.

It also doesn’t mean that you should go out and marry the first person who walks by to pay less for insurance. It means that, if you are married and by chance, you lack this discount, you must claim it. Five possible home insurance discounts you may not know about.
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