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Five tips to protect your home at Christmas

Five tips to protect your home at Christmas. There is no doubt that the Christmas season is one of the most anticipated times of the year to get together to celebrate with family and friends. But statistics also indicate that during these dates, thieves go out to make their killing knowing that there are many gifts and money in the houses. “This is the best time to hit a good shot.” According to the FBI, more than 400,000 property burglaries occur at Christmas.
How to try to avoid being a victim of these thefts?

  1. Protect the gifts from the sight of intruders
    The custom is to place the family’s gifts at the foot of the Christmas tree. You should avoid that the boxes are seen from the outside of the house. On the other hand, you must ensure that the gifts received by UPS, Amazon, or Post are kept in a safe place. If you’re not at home, rent a PO box to have them delivered there.
  2. Social networks
    Social networks are the new windows of our homes. If we display the gifts there, we can attract the attention of an intruder. Be reserved with your things.
  3. Lighting
    During these holidays we move a lot. On New Year’s Eve, we celebrate in our house, on New Year’s we visit the family. Lighting is essential to keep the home neat. Now there are smart bulbs that turn on and off, giving the feeling that the house is occupied.
  4. Invest in Security
    Place cameras around the perimeter, alarms on doors and windows, and lights that are activated by motion sensors.
  5. Homeowner’s insurance
    Review your home insurance and make sure it includes your theft policy. If in doubt, call Univista Insurance. Five tips to protect your home at Christmas.

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