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Flood Insurance: A Must in Florida

Flood Insurance: A Must in Florida. In Florida, within 15 days, the 2022 Atlantic hurricane season will have begun. Anyone who has experienced a hurricane in her life will have in her mind the indelible image of the destructive force of the winds, the torrential downpours, and the flash flooding in the streets.
It is a cyclical scenario that is reproduced every year in this area of ​​the country, from June to November. Although the floods are associated with the large waves caused by hurricanes, many times the flooding of rivers, canals, and dams is the result of the heavy rains present in this season.
Floods are highly destructive and costly. They can cause structural damage, to the foundation of the property, in the ground, in the columns, and cracks in walls and ceilings. The waters can damage the electrical system of the house, the air conditioning system, the refrigerators, and all the electrical appliances that have been submerged under the waters. Most of the furniture is destroyed and much of the personal property.
From the point of view of insurance, the most curious thing about this recurring threat, present in 90% of natural disasters in the US, is that the damage they cause is not covered by the usual homeowner’s insurance and to protect homes and personal property it is necessary to have a specific policy called Flood Insurance. Flood Insurance: A Must in Florida.
If you want to know how to have one of these policies, contact an insurance specialist from Univista Insurance who will provide you with the details of how said policy works and will help you to contract the most suitable one for you.

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