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Floods insight, protect your assets

Floods insight, protect your assets. You will have already noticed. These days, if you went outside, you will have had to use an umbrella. Or the rain has surprised him and he would have had to run for cover under a roof and wait for it to escape. We are in May and, of course, rainfall has increased. There is no doubt that June is approaching, the month of the heaviest rains. According to statistics, Florida averages 59.21 inches of precipitation a year. Of these, 7.9 inches fell in June. For a better perspective, this figure is equal to the amount of precipitation that is collected from December to March.

In our state, there are more than 174 rivers and about 1,700 bodies of water between lakes, aquifers, and streams distributed among the 67 counties. When the rainy season begins, it increases the chance of flooding.

As the territory is also very close to sea level, if heavy rainfall occurs, the water has nowhere to drain and causes flooding.

The worst thing about living with these natural conditions is that homeowners insurance does not include a flood policy. Therefore, if a flood of water occurs in the area where we have our property, we would have to take care of all the damage it causes to our house.

At first glance, it may seem an acceptable expense, but nothing is further from the truth. A single inch of water on the floor of our house can cause thousands and thousands of dollars in losses. Floods insight, protect your assets.

The most practical thing is to have flood insurance that protects your pocket and family finances.

Call Univista and make sure your home is protected now that the rainy season begins.

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