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Florida no-fault status

Florida no-fault status: the person responsible for the accident does pay. There is a lot of confusion about whether Florida is a No-Fault Law State or Not Fault Law State. There are people who consider this to mean that in the event of a car accident, each party is responsible for the damages suffered. But this is not so.
To understand the concept, it is important to separate personal injury coverage from property damage coverage.
In Florida, the law requires that each driver take out minimum car insurance. This must consist of two minimum coverages, one, Protection against Personal Injury or Personal Injury Protection (PIP), and another, Liability for Property Damage or Property Damage Liability (PDL).
The first, as its name suggests, protects the insured and their companions from personal damage that they may suffer in an accident, regardless of their fault. In said medical coverage, non-fault does work. In other words, each driver’s insurance is responsible for the medical bills resulting from the accident.
In the case of the second PDL coverage, things are different. To find out who will be responsible for material damage, it is necessary to establish who was to blame for the accident. Regardless of whether in Florida we are in a No-Fault status.
The other aspect to clarify is that the law requires that each coverage is for a minimum of $10,000. This is when the alarms should go off. If you stick to the bare minimum required by law and are found at fault in an accident involving a Tesla, Mercedes, Infiniti, or any vehicle with a market value over $10,000, you may be in trouble. Because the difference between the minimum required by law and the market value of the vehicle will come out of your pocket, your insurer will only pay for the contracted coverage, after the deductible. Florida no-fault status: the person responsible for the accident does pay.
The smart thing to do is increase that protection to a more realistic amount that won’t jeopardize your personal finances. Best of all, at Univista Insurance you can get the cheapest car coverage in Florida without forgetting the aspects of the policy that truly protect you.

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