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Florida, the global epicenter of the pandemic

Florida, internationally known as the Sunshine State, has recently changed its famous epithet to Epicenter of the World Pandemic, in order to describe the magnitude of the crisis that affects it.

The always indiscreet numbers show that, since the beginning of the coronavirus, almost 500,000 Floridians have been infected and more than 7,000 have lost their lives. It has not yet been established how many of those saved will be disabled, after the intubations and procedures necessary to recover them.

The impact of the virus on the state is such that, during the past month of July, around 10,000 people were infected daily and 130 died, victims of the disease, every day.

There are really few families that have not been touched by pain. And in the few meetings they have, in chats and calls, COVID is the recurring theme. It is as if reality has insisted on reminding us how vulnerable we are. That is why, at such a critical time, many strive to demonstrate their feelings to friends and family.

And perhaps, life insurance could be the wrapper of our family legacy. A way to materialize love for our loved ones. If the pandemic takes us out of the way, as it has done with 7,000 Floridians, our loved ones will receive, in money, a juicy token of our love and respect.

Call Univista Insurance and inquire about term life insurance. As long as the pandemic is among us, it is better to try to guarantee the future of our children.

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