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Four tips to save fuel at inflation time

Four tips to save fuel at inflation time. The price of gasoline reached record levels. Gas stations average $5 a gallon, more than double what was paid just a year ago. A reality that influences any business that depends fundamentally on fuel, such as road transport.
If you own a truck and are worried about the price of gas, here are some helpful tips for saving fuel.

  • Reduce your speed
    Driving slower can significantly limit your fuel costs. It is advisable that you drive at the cruising speed of your vehicle. According to the Department of Energy, every 5 mph over 50 miles per hour will increase the cost of your trip. That means that if you need a gallon to travel 6 miles at an average cost of $4.00 per gallon, each mile will cost you $0.64.
    However, if you can reduce your speed and improve your displacement to 8 miles per gallon, the average cost per mile would be $0.50. If you average about 130,000 miles a year, you could save about $18,200.
  • Neither acceleration nor braking
    Avoiding sudden acceleration and braking can mean 10% fuel savings. If you improve your driving habits, in addition to avoiding various hazards on the road, your new attitude is rewarded with fuel savings.
  • On or off
    Drivers spend almost half their lives in trucks. They not only drive there, they also sleep or rest, watch television and cook. In doing so, many idle the engine to keep the air conditioner running, the heater running, or to be able to use the microwave or computers. But leaving the truck running means higher fuel costs. By conservative estimates, idling a truck routinely wastes about 10 gallons a day. Do your own calculation of how much you could save each year.
    However, if you incorporate an auxiliary power unit – APU, in English – you will be able to turn off the engine and save fuel without losing comfort. Some scholars on the subject claim that using an APU can save more than $5,000 a year.
  • Maintenance
    Maintaining the truck is extremely important. In addition to preventing breakage, timely filter changes and proper lubrication translate into fuel savings.

We hope that these simple but useful tips will help you make your business more profitable. Oh, don’t overlook that at Univista Insurance you can get the cheapest truck insurance in Florida. Four tips to save fuel at inflation time.

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