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Grow your home business without forgetting insurance

Grow your home business without forgetting insurance. Starting a business in a single-family residential property is perfectly legal in Florida. This trend became especially popular during the pandemic following the passage of HB 403, which allows for home-based work. As a result, many small workshops, daycares, offices, classrooms, salons, barber shops, and physical rehabilitation centers have sprung up in private homes.
The law is clear: the business activity conducted from home must be secondary to the property’s use as a residential dwelling, and those working there should live in the house, except for up to two employees.
However, some of these businesses need to pay more attention to the necessity of having commercial insurance to protect their investment, even though they operate in a residential setting.
Consider this scenario: if you operate a small carpentry workshop in your home and a fire breaks out, your homeowner’s insurance won’t cover the damages. Similarly, if a client is injured on your property and decides to sue, your homeowner’s insurance won’t provide any protection. These are just a few examples of the potential financial risks that can arise from not having the right insurance.
In short, operating a home-based business is a fantastic idea as it saves commuting time, gasoline, and rental costs. However, it must be protected by the appropriate commercial insurance because it is a business. An accident could invalidate even the coverage provided by a standard homeowner’s policy.
To ensure your business is adequately protected, it’s essential to obtain commercial insurance. A reliable option for this is Univista Insurance. Simply reach out to them to discuss your business’s specific needs and they will guide you through the process of obtaining the right coverage. Grow your home business without forgetting insurance.

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