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Home insurance is expensive in Florida

Home insurance is expensive in Florida. There is an illusion that homeowners insurance is not required by law in Florida. However, that reality is only valid for those people who buy their home in cash or when they finish paying for it. Meanwhile, the lenders force the rest of the buyers to pay very expensive insurance that guarantees the purchased good.
That is why it is very important when someone decides to buy a property, to include home insurance among their expenses.
Especially if this operation is in Florida, where the average home insurance payment, according to the Insurance Information Institute, is $4,231, compared to the $1,544 per year paid on average in the US.
In Florida, there are homeowners who pay almost the same premium for home insurance as the principal payment on their mortgage.
Now more than ever it is important to consider insurance. If you buy a house, make sure the roof is in good condition. If it’s new, even better. Windows and doors must be impact resistant. It is very good that it is protected against fire, with smoke sensors. The pipes must be made of PVC and the electrical system must comply with all current safety regulations. Consider purchasing a high deductible. Only then can your homeowner’s insurance be less expensive.
However, if you are paying a lot for home insurance, call Univista Insurance and get advice on how to lower it. Home insurance is expensive in Florida.

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