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Home renovations that reduce insurance premiums

Home renovations that reduce insurance premiums. Renew, update, modernize, beautify, expand – these are the most common epithets homeowners use when undertaking construction tasks at home to improve family living conditions.
However, not all of these jobs impact homeowner insurance premiums similarly. Some increase policy prices, while others tend to decrease them.
Here, we share with you which home renovations can help lower your homeowner insurance premium.
Generally, renovations that contribute to making your home safer positively influence the insurance bill.

  • Roof
    If you renovate your home’s roof, rebuild it with more durable material, and adapt its structures to current building codes, your insurance premium will likely decrease substantially.
  • Wiring
    When a home’s wiring system is renovated, especially if replacing an old one that didn’t meet current codes, insurance companies often offer more affordable premiums due to the reduced risk of fires caused by short circuits.
  • Plumbing
    Homes with old iron, lead, or polybutylene pipes usually pay more for insurance coverage. They may even need help from insurers willing to sign a policy. Therefore, updating plumbing and reducing water leakage risks positively impacts the insurance premium.
  • Windows and doors
    Installing hurricane-resistant, reinforced windows and doors designed to withstand strong winds and debris projected by hurricanes can influence your insurance policy.

The key to these upgrades is that they should be carried out by specialized and certified personnel, complying with established codes. The homeowner must request permission from the city and provide evidence that an authorized professional carried out the work. Before reducing the policy premium, insurers often require an inspection of the renovation. Home renovations that reduce insurance premiums.

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