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How am I not covered against hail?

How am I not covered against hail? These days, some towns in Florida suffered strong storms accompanied by rain with hail. “Ice stones, the size of a golf ball, fell from the sky destroying everything in their path. The bodies of many vehicles ended up dented as if someone very angry had hit them with a hammer.
As it is an act of nature when many of the owners claimed the insurance, they found themselves with an unpleasant surprise, the insurers explained that by not having comprehensive coverage in English, which is what insures the damages of this kind, they couldn’t help them.
It is known that to drive legally in Florida you only need a PIP, third party personal injury policy, and another liability PDL, each for $10,000 of coverage. Comprehensive coverage is optional.
However, according to statistics collected over the past 20 years, the cost of repairing hail damage averages about $6,500. That is, the cheapest fixes cost about $2,500, and the most expensive reach $16,800.
On the other hand, adding a comprehensive policy can mean $100 to $300 more a year on your insurance premium. Such a policy can protect you from windshield wiper breakage, if your vehicle catches fire, or if you destroy your car by running over a wild animal. How am I not covered against hail?
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