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How can I get life insurance from my employer?

How can I get life insurance from my employer? Some companies offer their employees life insurance as one of their benefits. It’s a tempting offer, although generally, the coverage amount is only one or two times the employee’s annual salary, not the ten annual incomes recommended for robust and efficient life insurance. Despite this limitation, if an employee protected by life insurance provided by their company were to suffer an accident and pass away, their family wouldn’t have to bear the final expenses – funeral and burial – and the death benefit could even cover some of the debts the employee incurred before their passing.
If you have doubts between two job offers that are very similar and one of them offers you this life insurance, don’t dismiss it. With employer-provided life insurance, you won’t have to go through any paperwork since the company’s human resources department usually takes care of everything. Additionally, you can obtain the insurance even if you have serious illnesses without undergoing a health check.
Many people wonder if having employer-provided life insurance is enough. The answer depends on each person’s circumstances. For a young and single person, it’s excellent. But if you have a family and children, this insurance may be insufficient. Since the common desire of an insured person is for their surviving loved ones to benefit from a more solid financial guarantee than the one provided by a typical employee insurance.
On the other hand, employee insurance is tied to a specific company, and if you change jobs, the new company may not offer this benefit. Something that you can remedy by acquiring life insurance on your own.
If you’re interested in life insurance that protects your family, there are some very interesting options in the market that allow you to customize your insurance to fit your needs. If you’re unsure, call Univista Insurance and ask about this important financial protection for your loved ones. How can I get life insurance from my employer?

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