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How do I look more attractive, married or single?

How do I look more attractive, married or single? Insurance companies consider that motorists who have passed through the altar are more reliable when driving than singles. This belief is reflected in the policy. You will say, of course, usually someone marries when he reaches maturity and has more experience in life.
Yes, you are right, but not entirely. It turns out that two people of the same age, one married and one single, get different insurance premiums. The advantage, in this case, is for the married woman. In Florida, the discount can be up to 4%, and in other states up to 10%.
Maybe married people are more careful because driving with your spouse next to you is comparable to taking the police in the car: “Honey, slow down”; “Don’t go yellow”; “Love, keep your distance.” An on-site control that singles don’t have.
But the marital status is not a mere belief, it is a fact supported by statistics. A study by the National Institute of Health found that single drivers have twice the risk of injury in accidents.
On the other hand, insurers also calculate the possible benefit that they will obtain when the couple adds the other vehicle to the insurance. So the premium discount could be even higher.
Be careful, every rule has its exception. Remember that car insurance generally covers everyone who lives under one roof and has a driver’s license. Therefore, if you marry someone considered “a hazard on the road,” with a poor driving record, your premium price, far from going down, will go up. However, to avoid being negatively affected, you may want to consider declaring you an excluded driver – driver exclusion – of your policy. All you have to do is tell your insurance agent. In that case, if your spouse is excluded and has a car accident, then your insurance will not cover them. How do I look more attractive, married or single?
In conclusion, now you can lovingly propose to her better half: “if you marry me, I will bring you down [her partner will think: the stars and you will tell him, convinced] the car insurance.”
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