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How do I prepare my yard against hurricanes?

How do I prepare my backyard against hurricanes? Living in Florida is being exposed to the strong winds that accompany the tropical storms and hurricanes that recurrently appear in the area.
But living in Florida can also mean having a big house with a garden, a patio with fruit trees, and being able to enjoy the most tropical American dream.
To prevent this dream from turning into a nightmare, it is necessary to keep yards and gardens ready for when a storm threatens on the horizon.
It all starts with choosing the right plants for your patios. They must be suitable for this climate and resistant to winds.
In hurricane season, dry tree branches should be removed that can detach in strong winds and damage house structures. If the tree gets sick, it is best to cut it down before it falls on your house. Avoid pruning trees the day before the storm hits, be cautious and anticipate.
If you have trees such as avocados or coconut trees and a hurricane is coming, try to remove the fruits that could be projected against your house.
You should also consider a space to store or secure all deck furniture that can fly away.
Find a way to protect the pool equipment, the water pump, and the filter.
It is also important to keep roof gutters and downspouts leafless to prevent clogging during heavy rains.
Finally, review your insurance policy in advance and make sure you have adequate protection to protect your property, check if you can pay the deductible. Note, if included, that separate guest room from the main structure, tool room, or garage. How do I prepare my backyard against hurricanes?
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