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How protect my eyes from the cellphone screen?

How do I protect my eyes from the cellphone screen? If I ask what is the first thing we take with us before leaving home, I am convinced that the majority answer will be: the cellphone. Who doesn’t have a cellphone at this point in life? These devices have become our external memory, guide, secretary, work tool, and entertainment form. Given its importance, it is difficult for us to separate from our phone at some point during the day.
According to statistics, in the US, we check our cellphone about 344 times a day. More or less every 4 minutes. We are in front of our cellphone screen for almost three hours a day. Faced with this reality, many wonder how to protect their eyes from the damage that the phone screen may cause.
To protect the eyes, ophthalmologists recommend some preventive measures, such as reducing the screen brightness and increasing the letter size. Another recommendation is to maintain a minimum distance of 16 inches from the device. Activating the phone’s night mode to reduce the emission of blue light that affects the vision so much. They affirm that the warmer the screen color, the less damage it causes to the eyes.
Those who spend a lot of time in front of the phone screen are recommended to blink consciously to moisten the eyes. If you suffer from visual fatigue caused by screen use, artificial tears drops are very effective in keeping the eyes lubricated. Ophthalmologists also do not recommend watching entire movies on these small screens.
The National Eye Institute advises that children, from six to 18 years old, have an eye exam each year. After this age, every two years is sufficient. Younger children should be examined from six months of age and before going to school for the first time.
The best thing about this is that most vision insurance plans include an annual exam among other benefits. At Univista Insurance, you can purchase a very affordable vision insurance for yourself and your entire family. How do I protect my eyes from the cellphone screen?

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