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How do you prevent glaucoma from making you blind?

How do you prevent glaucoma from making you blind? Glaucoma ranks as the second leading cause of blindness globally. Roughly, around three million Americans suffer from it, and half of them aren’t even aware.
While anyone can develop this condition, it’s more common among African Americans over 40 and the rest of the population over 60.
When it comes to glaucoma, we often assume everyone knows what it is and how it’s detected. To avoid this assumption, let’s break it down: Glaucoma is an eye disease that damages the optic nerve. It results from fluid buildup in the front part of the eye, increasing eye pressure and damaging the optic nerve.
Is optic nerve damage severe? The optic nerve contains over a million fibers that transmit visual messages to the brain, translating what we see.
Understanding that glaucoma is irreversible is crucial. Treatments can only prevent further damage, and the earlier it’s detected and treated, the less impact it’ll have on vision.
Symptoms can vary. Some experience intense eye or forehead pain, redness in the eyes, blurry vision, or suffer from headaches, nausea, or vomiting. All of these could be signs of glaucoma. If experienced, seeing an ophthalmologist for a check-up is essential.
But glaucoma doesn’t always present symptoms, hence its nickname, “the silent thief.” It can rob a person of their sight without warning. Half of glaucoma patients are unaware they have it.
The best way to detect it is through regular eye exams, where an ophthalmologist measures eye pressure, examines the optic nerve, and conducts a peripheral vision test.
Once detected, treatment may involve eye drops to reduce eye pressure or surgery, depending on the type of glaucoma.
In essence, only regular eye exams can alert us to the presence of this silent thief capable of stealing the most important of senses: vision.
The most cost-effective way to check our eyes is through vision insurance from Univista Insurance. How do you prevent glaucoma from making you blind?

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