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How to avoid costly water leak at home?

How to avoid suffering a costly water leak at home? Insurance claims related to water leaks on a property are one of the most common, whether it be for damage to washing machine hoses, clogged or broken bathroom pipes, or the characteristic leak in a water heater.
Within water damage claims, washing machine hose breaks take the cake. Besides being frequent, it is very expensive damage because it is usually discovered when it is quite late. If we take into account that the hoses are always connected to the pipe and are constantly underwater pressure, a break can release more than 400 gallons of water in an hour. If the breakage happens when no one is home or during the night, we might have a nasty surprise. The potential damage is so great that many condominiums do not allow the installation of washing machines inside the units, even if they have space.
The most common causes of washing machine hose breaks are age, installation errors, manufacturing defects, or a lack of space behind the machine.
Most errors are preventable if we inspect the equipment from time to time. If, for example, we observe that the hoses are deformed, or the connections have rust, it is time to replace them. In addition, we should consider obsolete that hose that exceeds six years of use. Changing a hose can cost from $ 50 to $ 100. However, repairing flood damage to a washing machine can cost several thousand dollars.
On the other hand, we should be vigilant because homeowner insurance contracts have a clause that requires maintenance work on the home. If the washer hose breaks due to lack of maintenance, the insurance could deny the claim. How to avoid suffering a costly water leak at home?
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