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How to prepare the boat for this season?

How to prepare the boat for this season? We are in the season to go sailing as a family, ahead we have the summer to enjoy.
At this point in the year, your boat has most likely been in storage since last September and now you want to get it ready to go sailing. If you have recently bought your boat, you can also use some basic tips that we are going to share with you.
Before going sailing, the first thing to do is to thoroughly inspect the boat’s engine. If you are not a connoisseur, hire a specialized mechanic to check all of your systems. Remember that a tuned engine is key to navigating safely.
The mechanic will need to replace the engine cooler, fuel filters, air filters, heater plugs, inspect the engine mounts, verify that the oil cooler is not leaking, check the oil level, and clean any parts that have corrosion.
He will also examine the electrical connections, charge the batteries, clean and tighten all the connections, and coat their terminals with insulating grease.
You shouldn’t overlook inspecting the boat’s propellers and hull, as well as the entire raw water system, including cleaning the filters and propellers.
When the whole interior is ready, then it remains to clean and paint the exterior. Look for cracks or holes in the hull to repair, and finally wash and wax.
Remember that each boat is provided with life jackets, visual distress signals, and fire extinguishers. It is your responsibility to verify that the security systems are working properly. How to prepare the boat for this season?
Once you have the boat ready, it’s time to review your insurance policy. The best advice is to call Univista Insurance and get the cheapest comprehensive insurance on the market, one that will protect you against all the risks to which you expose yourself as a boater.

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