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How to prepare for hurricane season?

How to prepare your business for hurricane season? Although each business is different, there are common tips that are very useful when preparing for the hurricane day that begins June 1 and lasts until November. The objective is to avoid being part of that 40% of companies, which according to FEMA, do not reopen after the closure forced by the passage of a storm.
If the coronavirus has taught us something positive, it is that companies are stronger and more resilient when they have a plan.
Before a hurricane hits the coast, it is key to identify the risks and vulnerabilities of the business. To know to what extent it will continue to operate and the schedule to follow to safely cease activity. The priority of the plan is to protect the assets: to secure doors, windows, merchandise, database, work instruments, to foresee how to act in the event of a flood or how to disconnect the electricity supply.
In many cases, it is necessary to have an emergency budget that enables the realization of what is planned. Without ignoring that the greatest asset of any business is human life.
The plan will contemplate the communication of the company with the workers, suppliers, and clients. Employees owe what is expected of them, whether the business closes or if they have to fulfill some task during the preparation process for the imminent arrival of the storm.
Those companies with several workers need to coordinate and practice the different emergency situations to avoid improvisation.
Another recommendation is to develop a safe reopening schedule that includes the cleaning process and repair of affected equipment. It is very useful to have on the agenda the contacts of the professionals or essential technicians so that the company can resume its functions.
A key aspect of preparation is to carefully review the company’s business insurance package or BOP. Above all, the more technical aspects. The employer must know what is protected in the contract and what is not. If he considers the policy insufficient, he should contact his insurance agent to reach an agreement that satisfies him. How to prepare your business for hurricane season?

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