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How to register my new car?

How to register my new car? There are two ways to legally own a car in Florida, buy it from a dealer or from an individual. Regardless of the acquisition channel, by law, all cars that circulate in the state must meet four requirements: have a license plate, be registered, pay road tax, and have insurance.
As you can see, it is not about buying a shiny car that smells new and going out to the street to roll. Everything has its order and we explain what it is:
If you buy your car from an authorized dealer, the procedures are very easy, “a piece of cake”, as they say in my town. You will only have to sign a lot of papers and documents and the sellers will take care of everything. Depending on the type of dealer, you will go out with your new cart and a provisional plate that will allow you to circulate for a maximum of 30 days, while your permanent license plate arrives by return mail.
Person to person:
The thing changes if you acquire the car of a private individual. In this case, you must take care of all the paperwork on your own. First, you will register the vehicle in your name, for this, you must transfer the title. Both processes can be done in unison at a tax collector’s office – or taxes, as everyone here calls it. Be careful, if this is the first time you have registered a car, because you have never had a license plate under your name before, the initial registration will cost you about $ 225.
You cannot show up empty-handed to the tax collector’s office. Bring a request for transfer of title signed by the seller or, better still, go to the seller to make the transfer in the same office. To do this, have proof of identity with you, you will have a valid driver’s license. Another document that you will need to present is proof of insurance for the car you just purchased. If you don’t have insurance, they won’t let you do anything.
To get auto insurance, the solution is simple, call Univista Insurance and explain that you just bought a car and demand the best and cheapest insurance on the market.
Remember, every year you will have to pay a road tax and every ten years to renew your car registration. How to register my new car?
Once all the procedures have been completed, you will be able to roll freely through the streets of Miami, without fear that a police officer will stop you and say the typical phrase: Citizen, car documentation!

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