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How to treat an “anti-mask” customers?

How to treat an “anti-mask” customer in your business? The duration of the pandemic, the discovery, and administration of vaccines are factors that have helped a group of people refuse to wear masks. However, most businesses, especially after the new wave of infections, require that their customers cover their mouth and nose. In many cities and counties, authorities have made the use of a face mask mandatory in indoor public places. So how do you prepare your business to treat an “anti-mask” customer?

  1. Inform
    The business must-have in a visible place, especially on the doors, that the use of masks is required. If there is any type of reservation, to obtain the service, it is necessary to be proactive and indicate to the client that they must wear a mask to receive the service.
  2. The example
    Employees are a key piece in all businesses. They must set an example by using their respective masks and must understand the importance of that requirement.
  3. Have masks
    If a customer arrives without a mask, train your employees to address the customer about it and explain the business policy. Afterward, they must offer him a mask so that he can use the service.
  4. Be reasonable
    If the client cannot wear a mask due to health problems, do not deny him the service, be reasonable and try to accommodate him in a special area or just let him pass.
  5. Uncomfortable customers
    There are clients who do not care what the business policy is and want to impose their criteria. So, train your staff to avoid confrontation and direct it to the manager or responsible person. This person must indicate to the client the exit and warn him that, if she does not obey, they will proceed to notify the authorities.

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