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Hurricane Preparedness in South Florida

In the Hurricane season (June 1st to November 30th), the weather in South Florida starts to change. Rainy days accompanied by high-speed winds become more frequent and make us aware that we have to protect ourselves and our properties.

But what are the steps required to do so?

We have put together a Hurricane preparedness checklist and tips for you and your family to be ready for what mother nature brings along this year.

Survival Kit


Keep one gallon of pure water per person per day in stock.

Emergency supply food

Non-perishable food that last for at least three days in case there is a power outage or evacuated at home.

Medicine supplies

If your doctor has prescribed medication you need on a daily basis, have it stored in a handy container.

Batteries or power supply

To power your radio station so you may follow local news and keep your phone charged at all times.

Can opener

Don’t forget to have a resourceful can opener around to make your life easier in the kitchen.

Fire extinguishers

In case of a fire emergency, a fire extinguisher interrupts the chemical reaction of a fire rectangle


In case there is no electric light, a flashlight can be useful to find your way around the house, especially at night.

Fire safe and waterproof safe

Protects your most important documents.

Disaster preparedness tips

Don't leave any objects that the high speed winds could use a projectile(patio furniture or kid toys laying around)
Check your rooftop for water damage and fix any finding(Keep a tarp around in case)
Safeguard your windows and doors(exterior shutters offer extra security)
Cleanup your gutters and downspouts so it can withstand the heavy rain
Cut the palm trees or large trees near your home

“Remember; when disaster strikes, the time to prepare has passed.”
Steven Cyros