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“I am the Leo Messi of welding”

“I am the Leo Messi of welding”. Normando has been a welder since he was a teenager. He started out helping his father, old Abraham, who had a mechanic shop in a country town. “Everyone who wanted to join two metals went to see my father and he entrusted me with those easier jobs”, this is how the experienced welder recalls his beginnings.
Now 50 years old, he runs his own workshop with three employees. He makes metal furniture, bird cages, window guards, and some patio decorations. “You go to the workshops out there and they have seven types of masks. They look like museums. I have the same mask that I bought when I arrived in this country.
Look at everything I do. I am the Leo Messi of welding. Nobody fools me with so much consumption. A mask for this and another for that. What they want is to sell”, Normando used to say to his friends and clients.
Normando recently noticed that he was losing the vision in both eyes, he went to visit an ophthalmologist, who, after performing a diagnostic test, told him that he had bilateral chronic maculopathy. That is, a macular affectation, caused by high exposures to ultraviolet radiation.
According to the ophthalmologist, poor radiation protection measures caused the damage. “Welders must not only use a good face mask but it must be certified for each type of welding,” the doctor told him.
The worst thing, in this case, is that the process is irreversible due to the fact that, in addition to neglecting the protection, he neglected to monitor his sight, so it was not possible to detect the existing alterations early.
The ophthalmologist prescribed a treatment with lutein and antioxidants and told him that he should stop welding. “Dedicate yourself to the administrative work of your company, because if you keep welding, everything will get worse.”
People who work staring at computers, welders, potters, those who work in the electrical sector, designers, or metalworkers should go at least twice a year for eye exams to detect in time any problems in their eyes and prevent them from becoming a chronic diseases. “I am the Leo Messi of welding”.
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