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I can’t take it anymore with the price of gasoline!

I can’t take it anymore with the price of gasoline! My friend Luis doesn’t get the bills. Last month he spent more than $500 on fuel. A fact that is repeated month after month. He has to travel from Kendall to Miami Gardens every day and also visit several clients. The high price of gasoline has made him weigh the idea of ​​buying an electric vehicle, but he does not think he can afford it.
Many people, in the same situation as Luis, think the same, “that electric vehicles have prohibitive prices.” Something that is not entirely correct. There is something for everyone on the market. There are very expensive models and brands, but there are also others that it is not necessary to rob a bank to have.
For example, the Nissan Leaf can cost around $28,500, the Mimi Cooper SE Hardtop retails for over $31,000, and the Hyundai Kona Electric fetches $34,000.
But the best thing about this is that, in addition to not having to fill the fuel tank anymore, there are financial aids to buy them. Currently, a federal credit of $7,500 is available for most electric car manufacturer brands. This means that the new electric Nissan Leaf package would cost around $21,000. What is not so bad?
For that reason, around 58,000 electric vehicles (EVs) already circulate in Florida, according to the Southern Alliance for Clean Energy. I can’t take it anymore with the price of gasoline!
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