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Impact of summer on my commercial insurance

Impact of summer on my commercial insurance. Summer is the peak season for many businesses. It’s the time of year when sales are highest and profits soar. During these months, restaurants, hotels, hair salons, travel agencies, outdoor entertainment, construction companies, and car rental businesses thrive. However, the weather conditions inherent to this season can pose severe challenges to any enterprise.
Proactive planning and anticipating potential risks are not just good practices, but they can be the key to business success during the summer. Entrepreneurs need to identify the typical seasonal risks and develop action plans to mitigate them, putting them in control of their business’s destiny.
For instance, imagine how you would handle a broken air conditioner. Plan your response time to fix the issue and determine your resources to continue or pause operations.
Storms and floods are common in the summer, causing property damage and business interruptions. Additionally, high temperatures increase the risk of heat stroke, especially in outdoor jobs like construction, landscaping, and entertainment. These situations endanger your employees’ lives and could lead to workers’ compensation claims. You can proactively protect your employees by following CDC recommendations and OSHA guidelines.
Summer is also a peak time for cyber crimes. For example, just last week, a software company used by most car dealerships in the US was hacked. Many dealerships had to sell cars manually, “with a calculator and pen,” to avoid halting operations while the crisis was resolved.
In short, anticipating summer risks is vital to understanding the necessary coverages to protect your business. This includes general liability insurance, commercial property insurance, business interruption insurance, workers’ compensation insurance, cyber liability insurance, and not forgetting flood insurance. These coverages together will make your summer less stressful and more productive, providing a safety net for your business.
A specialist at Univista Insurance can review your commercial insurance package (BOP) and ensure your business is well-protected for the summer. Impact of summer on my commercial insurance.

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