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Importance of children going to the dentist

Importance of children going to the dentist. Child health care is key to the development of our children. Taking the child to the pediatrician, doing tests periodically, and monitoring the child’s growth should be a concern of the parents. But many parents overlook that their children should still see a dentist specializing in children.
From one year of life, when the first teeth begin to appear, parents should take the child to the children’s dentist. In these early visits, it can be detected if there is any congenital alteration or pathology that must be intervened.
We see people with an inverted jaw or those who laugh showing their gums, aesthetic defects that can be corrected very easily when the child is small.
There is also a treatment to seal the baby molars that prevents cavities and helps keep the mouth healthy. But this important sealing, to be efficient, is recommended to do it when the molar has just grown.
It is no secret that an infected baby tooth exposes bone teeth, which will grow later, to serious problems such as malformations and stains.
On the other hand, children’s dentists, in addition to teaching our children how to take care of their dental health, if necessary, can recommend orthodontics to straighten those teeth that are out of place. It is known that for all dental treatments, the sooner they are carried out, the faster and easier the solution will be.
In short, prevention is the best possible treatment for the health of our children. Importance of children going to the dentist.
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