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Inspecting a home is key before buying it

Inspecting a home is key before buying it. One of the crucial moments in buying a house is the inspection. Many consider it the best investment to make, as it allows you to really know the condition of the house that you like so much and avoid disappointment.
Regardless of the fact that the inspection is mandatory in order to receive a loan from the bank, the buyer himself must be interested in the hidden details of the property he wishes to acquire. Know the state of the roof, if there is mold behind the walls, how is the structure of the house, the load-bearing walls, conditions of the foundations, the state of the plumbing, how the sanitary and electrical systems work, how the appliances and appliances included in the purchase -refrigerators, air conditioners, dishwashers-, the conditions of the windows and doors, if the fire alarms work, or if there is a termite infestation.
Inspecting a home before you buy is like going to a used car dealership with a mechanic listening to the engine, popping the hood, and driving the car.
In their report, the inspectors describe the defects found, suggest the costs of repairing them, explain the scope, the consequences of the defects and how to address them. Something essential, above all, because in sales contracts, there is a period of time -generally seven days after the inspection- to make the decision whether to continue with the purchase or not. Abandoning the contract after that period of time can be expensive for the buyer.
In addition, the inspection report is a fundamental weapon to negotiate the price of the house and, once acquired, it serves as a guide to program the future repairs that you need.
On the other hand, in houses that are over 25 years old, insurance companies are generally interested in knowing the state of the property they are going to insure and require two reports -Wind Mitigation and Four Point-. Inspecting a home is key before buying it.

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