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Insurance for refrigerated trucks is one thing to consider

Insurance for refrigerated trucks is one thing to consider. The incredible story of Ramón, an independent trucker from Florida, can serve as a noteworthy example of the importance of having proper insurance for refrigerated trucks. One day, while transporting a valuable load of onions that required a constant temperature between 45 and 65 degrees, Ramón experienced a breakdown on the road. The temperature on those godforsaken highways, under scorching sun, soared past 95 degrees Fahrenheit. Despite Ramón’s pleas, help didn’t arrive until after four hours. Sadly, the cargo was damaged and, with it, a precious investment.
For refrigerated cargo haulers, insurance is a vital component of their business. Here are some key aspects to consider if you’re involved in this type of transportation:

  • Specific Coverage: Ensure your policy includes specific coverage for refrigerated trucks. This typically covers damages to the cargo due to refrigeration equipment failures or uncontrollable temperature changes.
  • Cargo Value: Determine the actual value of your cargo. Ensure your insurance policy accurately reflects this value, as losses can be costly.
  • Equipment Maintenance: Proper maintenance of the refrigeration system is essential. Insurers may be reluctant to pay if it’s proven that the breakdown resulted from a lack of care.
  • Loss of Income Coverage: Consider including coverage for loss of income. This will protect you if an extended breakdown prevents you from making deliveries and generating revenue.
  • Policy Updates: Ensure you keep your policy up to date. In Ramón’s case, he didn’t update his policy and suffered significant losses. Maintain open communication with your insurance agent to adjust your coverage according to your business’s changing needs.
  • Road Safety: Comply with all road safety regulations, as adherence to these regulations can influence whether insurers will pay in the event of an incident.

If you’re a refrigerated cargo hauler, you can contact Univista Insurance, and you’ll get expert guidance in any situation. Moreover, you’ll have the proper insurance to safeguard your cargo and livelihood. Following these tips ensures your business runs smoothly, even on the hottest days. Insurance for refrigerated trucks is one thing to consider.

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