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Is my car protected if it suffers a flood?

Is my car protected if it suffers a flood? The most recurrent image when a flood occurs, either caused by a hurricane or due to the flooding of a river, is to see vehicles covered up to the roof on the streets. It is as if the reporters were looking for that image to record the level reached by the water.
That is why when observing an urban panorama completely flooded, many people have the question if their car were the one that is submerged up to the windows, is it protected by insurance?
There is no single answer. The correct thing would be to say: it depends.
If you insured your vehicle with the minimum coverage required by law, namely Bodily Injury Liability, Property Damage Liability, and Personal Injury Protection (PIP), I regret to inform you that you are not protected against damage resulting from a flood.
However, if you insured your car with comprehensive or comprehensive coverage, which I repeat is not required by law, it generally covers damage caused by hail, fire, theft, vandalism, and flood. However, read your policy carefully and make sure flood coverage is included.
Keep in mind that it is worthless to buy a new vehicle than to repair one that has suffered a flood.
If you live in Florida, it is recommended that you purchase comprehensive coverage that includes flood damage protection. Is my car protected if it suffers a flood?
If the vehicle that appears underwater in a newspaper cover photo was yours, then you would just have to call your insurance company and tell them: My car was drowned. Save me
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