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Is my iPhone 13 covered under home insurance?

Is my iPhone 13 covered under home insurance? Few people conceive of life without their smartphones. In this resounding statement, I include any demographic segment. The telephone stopped being that device to talk at a distance to become our seventh sense. The phone is where we first turn our eyes when we wake up and the last device we touch before going to sleep.
The cell phone is music, news, gossip, conversations in groups of friends, agenda, exercise guide, bank accounts, it is a form of payment, it is a store, a camera, a photo album, in short, almost everything is there condensed in this small device. That is why the question is very valid, what happens if my cell phone is damaged, is it covered by home insurance?
To answer the question, it is necessary to establish that your cell phone is a personal item and most homeowners insurance covers personal property. Therefore, your phone will be protected by your insurance if someone breaks into your home and steals it, if it is vandalized if it is damaged by water damage covered by the policy, also if it is destroyed by a storm, lightning, fire, or by the impact of hail or a hurricane.
In short, your phone is protected by your home policy. But keep in mind that said the contract includes a deductible – the amount of money that the client must pay in each claim. If the deductible exceeds the value of your phone, it would be useless to make a claim since you will always have to take care of the first $1,500 or $2,000 of the deductible. Is my iPhone 13 covered under home insurance?
It is different if a thief breaks into your home and takes several personal items including your phone. Then the insurer will take care of the amount covered, minus the deductible.

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