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It’s the end of the year, and you’re about to lose your benefits

It’s the end of the year, and you’re about to lose your benefits. Imagine you hit a restaurant after work because cooking feels like a chore. You’re dead tired. You pick your food, pay for it, and head home. When you arrive, you realize you forgot your food. You end up munching on a plain omelet. All your effort goes in vain—quite a comical scenario. Well, something akin happens with your dental plan benefits. With just three weeks left to enjoy those perks, it’s time to remember and capitalize on what you’ve already invested in.
Keep your dental benefits from saving before it’s too late! Remember, your dental insurance benefits automatically expire on December 31st each year. Check your smartphone’s calendar; it’s the perfect time to maximize those dental benefits before they vanish.
You can call your dentist today to schedule and lock in your year-end appointments, making the most of the dental coverage you’ve been paying for. Here are some steps you can take to get the most out of those benefits:

  • Schedule a check-up: If you still need your routine dental and cleaning this year, please make sure to book an appointment as soon as possible for you. Preventive care is critical to maintaining good oral health and spotting issues early.
  • Use the remaining benefits: If there are pending dental treatments like fillings or crowns, consider completing them before the year ends. Dental benefits typically don’t roll over, so any unused coverage will expire.
  • Please take a look at your coverage: Review your dental insurance policy to understand what it covers. Knowing your plan’s details will help you make informed decisions about your dental care.
  • Meet the deductible: If your plan has a deductible, meet it before the year-end. Remember, once the deductible is met, your insurance will cover more dental expenses.
  • Plan for the next year: If you’re planning on needing dental treatment, it’s time to discuss with your dentist and schedule treatments strategically to maximize benefits in the upcoming year.
  • Orthodontics and specialized care: If you or a family member is considering orthodontic treatment or needs specialized care, now’s a good time to discuss the treatment plan and budget for these services.
  • Seek pre-authorization: If you’re planning major dental work, request pre-authorization from your insurance provider to confirm coverage and estimate costs.

Dental benefits operate annually and don’t carry over to the following year. Using them before the year-end ensures you get the most out of your coverage while keeping your oral health in shape. Keep those benefits from slipping away like the food you forgot at the restaurant! It’s the end of the year, and you’re about to lose your benefits.

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