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Keep a cool head before making an insurance claim

Keep a cool head before making an insurance claim. After being involved in a car accident, it is common to contact the insurance company to make the relevant claim, without taking into account the amount of damage. In most cases, after paying the deductible, the insurer will cover the expenses for damages as stipulated in the contract.
Some drivers are unaware that insurance companies generally increase the policy rate after a claim. They find out when they receive the bill with the increase.
It is a common pattern that, after our monthly premium goes up, we become angry with our insurer and look for a cheaper option. However, some are surprised to find that other insurers check their potential client’s history for the last five years. If they have been involved in an accident, the ratio they will use to evaluate their level of risk will be disadvantageous.
Of course, if you were at fault for the accident, this reality will have a worse impact on your monthly premium. If you caused the crash under the influence of prohibited substances or DUI, as it is known in English, this data may remain on your record for several decades.
The interesting thing about this reality is that if you were not at fault for an accident, for example, if a tree fell on your car or you hit a wild animal that unexpectedly crossed the road and make a claim, your history will also be affected for three to five years. “Our data indicates that you had a no-fault accident three years ago,” an agent will explain from the other end of the phone when you inquire why the premium estimate they offer is so high.
In short, if you have parked and find your car with a dent in the rear bumper, before calling the insurer, calculate whether it is worth paying the deductible to have the damage repaired and as a result, a claim will appear in your history for five years, increasing your insurance premium. Keep a cool head before making an insurance claim.

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