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King Tide: Frequent floods expected

King Tide: Frequent floods expected. The King Tide is a natural phenomenon that occurs primarily in the spring and fall, in this case, from late August to late November, when the Moon and the Sun exert more significant gravitational attraction on Earth.
In the specific case of Florida, due to its location, thousands of miles of coastline, numerous waterways, flat topography, and shallow water table, it is a state vulnerable to the effects of the King Tide.
According to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, which monitors ocean conditions, there will be King Tides from September 26 to October 3, October 17 to November 1, November 12 to November 16, and November 24 to November 30.
In this context, tides rise coincidentally on the days when the Moon is closest to our planet. When there is a King Tide, precipitation and wind strength can increase the likelihood of flooding.
What’s remarkable about this phenomenon is that the King Tide influences the water table, affecting the groundwater level. That is, King Tides not only cause fluctuations in coastal water bodies, leading to flooding in coastal areas, but also exert pressure on groundwater, causing its level to rise and flooding in areas far from the coast.
With its porous geology and low relief, Florida is especially susceptible to this phenomenon. If the King Tide coincides with severe storms, groundwater can rise enough to flood streets, sewer systems, and homes.
It goes without saying what happens when streets are flooded. The most recent example was Hurricane Idalia, which caused significant flooding in northern Florida, Georgia, and the Carolinas, coinciding with King Tides.
We cannot prevent the King Tide from occurring, let alone control it from coinciding with storms or heavy rains. We have only one tool to protect our most significant investment: flood insurance.
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