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Life, the best asset to insure

If someone buys a home, the lender requires them to have homeowner’s insurance. If we want to drive a car, the law requires us to have auto insurance. However, there is something more valuable than the house or the car and many people do not even try to protect it. Do you know what I mean ?: To life.

Of course it is very important. When someone buys life insurance and dies, that simple decision burdens the family with the mortgage payments, the car loan and the children’s studies. This is not an exaggeration. The best thing is that the installments of a Term Life Insurance, in many cases, do not exceed the daily dollar.

What is term life insurance?

Well, it is one that protects the client for a period of time that can be 10, 15 or 20 years.

In general it is a very simple contract, it resembles the insurance of a car. The client knows in advance how much he has to pay as a premium and the time he is protected. If during that period he dies, the relatives collect the insured amount. If the period of time expires and fortunately the client does not die, she could renew the policy with new conditions.

On the other hand, Term Life Insurance also provides protection against disability. If the insured has an accident, he does not have to die to collect life insurance. If it becomes invalid, it will be covered.

Not for fun 54% of Americans are protected with life insurance.

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