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Last chance to access Obamacare 2021

Last chance to access Obamacare 2021. The increase in COVID-19 cases in Florida and the recommendation for the use of masks inside public places issued by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, CDC, for its acronym in English, reminds us that the pandemic continues and regains strength.
People who have not yet taken advantage of the opportunity to enroll in a government-subsidized health insurance plan have only a few days to do so.
The Obamacare open enrollment period, which was extended due to COVID-19, ends on August 15 and with it closes the opportunity provided by The American Rescue Act to access the huge federal funds destined to subsidize medical plans. Under the Rescue Law, people who received unemployment assistance in 2021 can have free medical plans for the rest of the year.
For the first time, millions of Americans have accessed health plans, paying $ 10 a month or less. A report from the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services indicated that three out of five Americans without health insurance can opt for health plans where they pay “$ 0” a month.
However, as of August 15, only those who meet the requirements contemplated in the special enrollment period will be able to access medical plans under Obamacare. Such as: if your marital status changes, if a child is born to you, or if you lose your job. Last chance to access Obamacare 2021.
If you haven’t signed up for Obamacare yet, you have just a few hours to make up for your mistake. Call Univista Insurance and get subsidized health insurance that protects your health the way you deserve. Look around you and you will see that COVID continues among us.

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