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Learn about life insurance with living benefits

Learn about the benefits of life insurance with living benefits. In the US, about 3 million people die each year. The leading cause of death is heart disease, which in 2020 caused some 696,962 deaths. It is followed by cancer, which causes 602,350 deaths. Subsequently, COVID-19 with 350,831 deaths, general accidents caused 200,955 deaths, strokes 160,264. Some 152,657 people died of chronic respiratory diseases, 134,232 of Alzheimer’s, 102,188 of Diabetes, and 53,544 people died of Influenza and Pneumonia.
These figures show us that critical, chronic, and terminal illnesses are the fundamental cause of death. But many of the people who contract them, before death, live for some time with their illnesses.
A clear example is offered by the American Cancer Association. In 2018, some 1,735,350 people were diagnosed with cancer and of these, 609,640 died. More than a million survived the disease, and collectively paid out of pocket some 3.9 billion dollars in treatment and care.
However, if someone becomes terminally, chronically, or critically ill and has life insurance with living benefits, they will be protected. He will have the necessary money for his treatment and care. Because this type of policy, in addition to guaranteeing the usual death benefit to the family, protects the insured person who contracts the aforementioned illnesses, who could collect part of the policy benefit during their lifetime and thus, for example, increase their pension, use the money to hire a person to help you at home or use it to live the last years of your existence with quality of life.
When you decide to buy life insurance, in addition to thinking about your loved ones, consider yourself. If you go by the statistics, it seems like a great idea. Learn about the benefits of life insurance with living benefits.

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