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Life insurance: love is taking care of your own

Life insurance: love is taking care of your own. How likely is it that we will have a car accident, or our house will flood, or catch fire, or get a serious illness, or someone will sue us, or a hurricane will blow the roof off our house? Perhaps your answer is one in a million or one in a hundred thousand. What is the probability of dying one day? I dare to anticipate that the most conservative answer will be: “100% of the probabilities”. The interesting thing about these two logical answers is that anyone naturally acquires car or home insurance, and yet many will doubt whether they should insure themselves against the only thing that will happen 100% of the time: death.
No one doubts that the drama of losing one’s life is immense. For many, it is a taboo subject. But sometimes, we need to simplify the facts in order to analyze a given problem. In this case life insurance.
Life insurance works much like a car policy. Imagine your insured car is parked on a corner and a tree falls and crushes it. Most likely, after the claim, the insurance company will take over and pay the agreed money for you to repair the car or buy a new one.
In the case of life insurance it is the same, if you are standing on that same corner and a tree falls on you and crushes you, your loved ones, after claiming, will receive a significant amount of money that will allow them, for example, pay the mortgage. When I say pay the mortgage, I am taking into account the entire mortgage. It will also allow them to pay the debts that the family has. I insist, on all the debts of the family. A relief that can make it easier for them to live the rest of their existence without financial stress.
Now you will be thinking: “Hiring life insurance will cost me an arm and a leg”. He is wrong again. Life insurance is quite affordable, often by paying a premium of around $100 a month, we are able to secure a $300,000 death benefit. Of course, it depends on the age of the insured person, their state of health, and the amount they want to insure. Life insurance: love is taking care of your own.
Do not think twice and add a new meaning to your life. If you were to fail, rest assured that you will have left this world, leaving your loved ones with fewer financial obstacles to fulfilling their dreams.

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